Armenophobia in Azerbaijan A.Elibegova A.Adibekyan
Армянофобия в Азербайджане. Борьба с ксенофобией.

Armenophobia in azerbaijan / fight against agression / stop xenophobia

... Came after the presentation of Azeriсhild project which involved a systematized compilation of children books authored by Azeri writers, along with examples of works created by children themselves. | more

24.12.2013 The presentation of 'Armenophobia in Azerbaijan' book took place today. The book is based on studies of Azerbaijan's press and official statements. The authors collected materials for five years, using Azerbaijani-, Russian-, and English-language sources. >>

Public Radio of Armenia: "Armenophobia in Azerbaijan" book presented in Yerevan >>

At 12:00 on December 24, 2013, in the large conference hall of "Ani Plaza" will be a presentation of the book "Armenophobia in Azerbaijan". | read more

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