Армянофобия в Азербайджане. Борьба с ксенофобией.

Армянофобия в Азербайджане. Армения Азербайджан, Ксенофобия
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Application 1. Anzhela Ohanova

Application 2. Firuza Bagirova

Application 3. Elvira Mocsesian. The Nowhere Man

Application 4. I want everyone to return Baku

Application 5. Liana-Leila Don't regret for remaining in Azerbaijan

Application 6. Explanations for the little Fidan

Application 7. Our misfortune is in Ummah

Application 8. The Preaching of Akhund and priest

Application 9. Why Armneinans?

Application 10. Forgotten their identity, or adventures of Ahmed in Moscow

Application 11. Fear of the Armenians or the nationality of one song

Application 12. Times when the waters ran heavily and the smiles sprang

Application 13. Armenians and Muslims

Application 14. Armenian inside of me

Application 15. The story "Lynch"

Application 16. Grandfather's deadly lesson

Application 17. The poem "Fire"

Application 18. Three admonitions

Application 19. The story "Murder at delivery ward"

Application 20. The story "Spy"

Application 21. Mother Azerbaijan and Cat Ermenistan

Application 22. The Tale "Revenge of Simuzar"

Application 23. Object-Subject

Application 24. Bad neighbors

Application 25. The History of Ilham and Fariza

Application 26. Armenian

Application 27. Armenian lullaby

Application 28. Ahriman of Globe

Application 29. The third chapter of the book "Caucasian days"

Application 30. The innocent elderling and insidious Siranuysh

Application 31. A talk on the run

Application 32. Byaryakallah to your teacher

Application 33. Will the storks come back to their nests?

Application 34. Enmity in Azerbaijani way

Application 35. Proverbs and sayings about Armenia and Armenians

Application 36. The History in Armenian or from diary of Armen Balasanyan

Application 37. Excerpts from the non-existent book "In the Name of the Cross"

Application 38. Excerpts from the non-existent book "The resurrection of our soul"

Application 39. Shoes of cord's leather



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